The 9 Best Golf Balls Of 2023 – Buying Guide – Ranking and Reviews:

The decision of golf balls fundamentally affects the quality of the game. Since the quality of the products is not the same, it is essential to be careful during the purchase.

To find the model that corresponds to your level, you will have to consider the design, size and materials. 

A comparison can also guide you more easily to find the article that meets your usage needs. 

At the top of the list is the Volvik Crystal Golf Balls (One Dozen) which is a set of balls with acute visibility and which provides optimal playing comfort thanks to its color and softness to the touch. 

Then comes the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (One Dozen) whose design promotes better speed, and therefore better performance on short games.

 Comparative Table: 
Best ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird Choice
Volvik Crystal Golf Balls (12), Mixed, PinkTitleist Pro V1 Golf Ball, Yellow, UniqueCallaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Balls, (One Dozen), Prior Generation, White
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The soft touch feel of this ball guarantees a comfortable and efficient round of golf. It also makes the game more flexible and controllable depending on the level and type of game, whether long distance or short distance.The Titleist bullet was arguably designed to last. Even with intensive play, you will not have the fear of having a chipped ball thanks to the good quality of the components that make up its structure.Its composition in soft chrome makes this ball a formidable and essential accessory to display the best score during your round of golf. Without forgetting its great resistance, so that it can be used for several years of play.
Although its pink color is very nice, it won’t be the perfect gift for a male golf player. Without going into the cliché, this color is more appreciated by the ladies.Unfortunately, this ball is not a completely new product. It is one of those which are reconditioned which have gone through some touch-ups before being put on sale.The flaw of this ball appears in short distance games with a short throw. Indeed, the ball does not really catch for a throw of less than 30 cm. It is then more selective on the type of game and the trajectory distance.
The high visibility offered by the bright color of this ball as well as the precision of its rotation around the green contribute to the performance of the player.Even being a reconditioned ball, this model ensures efficient playing performance. The player, whether professional or not, will easily hit his target with this ball. The stability of the trajectory is really put forward.Thanks to an internal core and a coating designed according to quality standards and with recent technological innovations, this bullet ensures excellent value for money.
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The 9 Best Golf Balls (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

Volvik Golf Ball

1. Volvik Crystal Golf Balls (One Dozen)

This Volvik Golf ball stands out with its bright pink color which considerably increases its visibility. Indeed, this color is an asset for a ball , because the player won’t lose sight of his ball.

During golf competitions where there are several players with different balls in the area, this model remains recognizable and remarkable. With a little touch of crystal sparkle, it’s that much easier to spot. An authentication signature is therefore guaranteed by the color.

In addition, recognized worldwide for its performance and superior quality, this ball does not disappoint when it comes to stopping control. It can soar a long distance and its rotation is well done.

Aimed mainly at seasoned players as well as beginners, the Volvik golf ball offers great softness to the touch and improves playing technique. As a bonus, know that it is delivered in 12 pieces.

  • Available colors: The great liveliness of the color varieties that is available for this model has the advantage of other balls. Indeed, the golf player will never risk losing his ball since it is remarkable for miles as one of the best glow in the dark golf balls.
  • Durability: This ball has a great durability recognized worldwide. It is designed with a good quality of materials in order to provide more performance to the golf player.
  • The touch: With this ball, you will have a game in the greatest comfort with a soft touch.
  • The color: Not everyone likes the pink color of the ball. it’s more suited to ladies.

2. Volvik Vibe Golf Balls

Sold in sets of 12, this golf ball meets all the criteria to offer a performance game for both professional golf players and novices. It is soft and lovely to the touch.

Its reach is maximum thanks to the appearance of its internal core which is both flexible and soft. For the outer layer of the ball’s core, it also feels soft to the touch and is designed to last over time.

With a weight of 1.4pnd and a width of 1.75inch, this model could be seen as the best golf ball. It is particularly popular for its compatibility and good oscillation speed.

Indeed, the head of the ball has a speed of 75 to 95 m / h according to the control of the player. It offers a medium playing trajectory and well-controlled ball spin which in turn makes it easy to go towards the target and be responsive around the green. 

  • Playing comfort: No need to go through a comparison to know that this model offers a comfortable playing feeling thanks to its softness to the touch and its easy control.
  • The range: The model can be carried over a very long distance by having the appropriate gestures and the right technique. In this sense, a golf enthusiast will be able to have a good range of balls with this model.
  • Color: Its white color makes it more visible on the ground.
  • Coverage: The cover of the ball may be slightly chipped after several sessions of play.

Titleist golf ball

3. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

The set includes 12 Titleist Pro V1 balls. These only exist in one dimension and therefore in a single weight of 1.5 lbs. For its dimensions, it has a length of 7.5 inches, a width of 2 inches and a height of 5.5 inches.

Thanks to its lemony color, this ball is difficult to lose and you could always identify it among a multitude of balls after every round of golf. In addition, it has been specially designed to withstand an intensive golf session.

Adapted to a professional game, it gradually increases the efficiency and performance of your game thanks to its great practicality and the variation in playing speed that it grants.

Its manufacturing materials guarantee it a quality design and a coating that is difficult to chip, despite its cheap price. If you are not sure yet which golf ball to choose, try to equip yourself with that ball.

  • The bundle: You won’t need to go through a price comparison to understand that this golf ball is among the cheapest on the market, with a bundle of 12 balls at an affordable price.
  • Game Acceleration: This ball provides maximum game speed and low spin on shorter games. You will therefore be very comfortable in the game and the duration of the latter will not influence your performance.
  • Description: Some buyers have found the Titleist Pro V1 Ball to be inconsistent with its description on sales platforms. Some balls have been reconditioned. 

4. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

How to choose the best golf balls of 2021? This is the frequently asked question. To answer it, we invite you to take a glance at the Titleist Velocity.

It is offered for sale in lots of 12 with an unbeatable price. Its structure is white in color and is designed with polyurethane.

Weighing around 1.41 lb, this model has won over many buyers looking for a golf ball that will adapt to their level of play and that will also improve their performance.

Indeed, this ball has an internal core developed with innovative LSX technology which guarantees control of the ball’s trajectory. You will easily hit your target and in addition, the game speed will be faster.

Its 20-sided polyhedron shape regulates its flight within the air and its Na72 envelope prevents excessive oscillation.

  • The color: It is difficult for you to lose this ball after each golf session thanks to its completely white color which guarantees absolute visibility.
  • The advantages of buying: In case you can not make up your mind on where to buy the best golf ball, know that by purchasing this ball, you will have a set of 12 which will allow you to play several times on the same golf ball. ground.
  • Perfect Control: Whether in terms of game speed or flight performance, this velocity model provides outstanding game control by allowing the player to control the trajectory of the ball.
  • The choice of color: It would have been better to have several other colors available for this model apart from white.

Callaway Golf Ball

5. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

The playing comfort that a golf ball provides is an essential criterion mentioned in our buying guide for the best golf balls. This is the advantage of this Callaway bullet which is made with soft chrome to confirm its good quality.

In addition, this model is supplied to buyers in a set of 12 balls. The ball measures 6 inches in length, 1.5 inches in width and 4 inches in height. It is also not bulky and weighs only 1.1 lb. In addition, it offers good contact with your golf club. Its white color makes it highly noticeable.

When it comes to course stability, you can be sure that not even a gust of wind can cause it to deviate from its course. In addition, this ball has been carefully studied to meet the requirements of professionals.

In this sense, it is efficient in terms of rotation around the green and in speed regulation, depending on whether it is a short game or a long distance game.

  • The Material of Design: This Callaway brand golf ball is made with very soft chrome. This component gives it superior quality, both on the coating and on the internal core.
  • The version: Being a recent version of the year 2020, this ball is made with all recent technological innovations. In this sense, it is a golf ball following the quality standards suitable for a high level golfer.
  • The throw: On throws less than 30 m, this ball lacks grip slightly. 

6. 2021 Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

It is important to take all the time necessary to find the best golf ball. Otherwise, you are going to acquire a product which is not compatible with your requirements and preferences. This model comes with a more flexible core than the models currently on the market. Faced with this design, it gains in speed and adapts to games over long distances.

Buying this Callaway golf ball is ideal if you want to improve your potential in this discipline. The thickness of its cover is reduced to give you a good feeling. On the other hand, despite this innovation brought by the manufacturer, the speed is always optimal.

This item is available in one size only and measures 7.5 inches in length, 5.5 inches in width and 1.6 inches in height. It is a recent model which adapts to the requirements of use thanks to its HEX aerodynamic capacity. The product is offered in two different colors which you can easily sort out. 

  • Effective: Buyers who did not know where to buy the best golf ball turned to this material. It benefits from a speed which is much higher thanks to the softness of its core. The feeling is guaranteed by the improved coating of this copy.
  • Choice of color: You have a choice of the colors that are available. It is also designed in one size for maximum use.
  • Disappointing: Some buyers have had fairly mixed reviews on this product. They claim that they could not benefit from the “long distance” function with this ball.

Srixon golf ball

7. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball (One Dozen)

As its name suggests, the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball benefits from a great softness in the compression of the core.

If one is looking for the best brand of golf balls, this firm has still done its best to meet the needs of its users. The manufacturer didn’t forget to believe the spin around the green, and opted for a thinner shell to form it one among the simplest.

Distant games benefit from the precision and lightness provided by this ball with a lightweight 72 core and a refined shell. Very appreciated by the seniors, it is easily handled with a lot of force or very little force, according to the needs of the player.

This bullet can also throw farther with more precision thanks to a lighter weight if one were to compare it to the previous model. However, Srixon Soft Feel is not recommended for children under the age of 14 for safety reasons.

  • Offers good play: The general configuration of this ball allows you to play more correctly, and is sure to highlight your performance.
  • Senior-Friendly Ball: Seniors who enjoy golfing will also find what they are looking for with this ball which is easy to ship far and wide.
  • Core Type: The improvement made on the core that makes up the ball has made it easier for a player to play, whether professional or amateur.
  • Lack of Versatility: Although this product may give you comfortable play, it is still a shame that it is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

8. Srixon Z Star 6 XV Golf Balls (One Dozen)

After a deep comparaison with Tp5 Vs Tp5x , this article could claim to be the best in its class with a few points to improve. This ball is the youngest of the brand, because it was only released during the year 2019.

The first effort deployed by the brand on this model is felt within the constitution of the core of the ball. Indeed, the compression is progressive to increase the takeoff angle when performing a spin with effects.

Furthermore, one cannot override the outer envelope of the bullet with its 338 cells intended to improve its penetration into the air. In other words, it allows the ball to travel a much greater distance compared to a standard ball.

Using a coating with both flexible and hollow molecular bonds, the spin improves for increased control and far more stopping power. This bullet provides a smooth start and then gradually strengthens around its edge during propulsion.

With so many features, its high price is explained. Moreover, to know how to buy a golf ball with a better quality-price ratio, it will be essential for you to remember its various characteristics.

  • The envelope of the ball: Its 338 cells which serve as an external envelope favor its penetration into the air during a swing, whatever the distance.
  • Soft start: With this ball, the start is slow then it gains in power to keep a perfectly aligned trajectory at the angle of fire.
  • Mixed service: It is suitable primarily for professionals, but also for amateurs who are demanding by nature.
  • The price: The ball is certainly perfect in every way, but it must be said that the price is not affordable for everyone, which makes it a drawback. 

Recycled & Used Golf Balls

9. Second Chance Premium Nike Mix Golf Balls 24 Recycled Golf Balls

This model may be a wise choice if you would like to get several golf balls of a particular quality, but also at a lower cost. Being in selection category A, these balls provide a feeling of increased performance during training and during a real match.

The core has a fairly balanced compression to offer a trajectory undisturbed by weather conditions. The same is true for the dimples that surround the outer shell of the balls, as they fight against too much pressure and allow you to send the ball further.

These balls also offer a mixed service, in other words, they are used on different types of ground, during training, or during a competition.

In addition, the ball can be used by both a man and a woman. And possibly, a set that contains 24 balls like this is still a good choice if you know that there are brands that do not offer the same number at the same price.

  • Category: These balls are ranked among the best designed, whether in terms of materials of manufacture or parameters.
  • Mixed game: They are unisex, that is to say they are designed for all uses as well as for both sexes (man and woman).
  • The price: The price of this model is still quite expensive, although we are here in front of a batch of 24 balls if you compare it with 50 Pack of Nike Recycled Mix Golf Ball.


Golf ball markers

kaveno Golf Ball Marker, Smile Face

This sticker is not part of the essential equipment for playing golf, nevertheless it is a good accessory to decorate.

Indeed, you need a strong enough magnet to allow it to be fixed on the visor of a hat, on the edge of a pocket or on the belt of the player.

The expression drawn on the face of the sticker shows a smiley face, which can only be great to look at and play with with a smile.

If you have golfing friends, this is a good gift that you can give. 

golf tee caddy keeper

Tinksky Golf Tee Caddy Keeper 12 Tees 2 Ball Markers Divot Tool Pencil Set with Keychain

If you already know where to buy a new golf ball, this article is also recommended if you are running out of tee to play.

It’s time to take a look at this article from Tinksky. Designed with plastic, this set consists of 12 golf tees in multicolor, but also 2 ball markers and keeps them right where you need them..

For transport, on its end is a key ring allowing you to take it easily and transport it without cluttering your hands afterwards.

The length of the tees is approximately 2.18 inch, perfect for playing on many types of playgrounds. 

Golf Ball Retriever

MAZEL Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

During a golf match, the ball can sometimes get lost in places that are not always easily accessible by hand on the ground and the water.

With this in mind, we are witnessing the invention of this essential accessory for the smooth running of the match.

This model is characterized by its telescopic design and the automatic locking system on the scoop which does not let the ball escape once grasped.

Beyond knowing which is the best golf ball on the market, it is just as important to take an interest in such accessories to easily retrieve your ball.

It is designed in stainless steel and equipped with ABS to increase its strength. But still, it can stretch up to 79 Inches to make it easy for you. 

How Do You Find The Best Golf Ball? – Four Important Considerations – Purchase Guide:

A golfer who's taking some golf balls to choose the best one from them

If you place a lot of importance on the choice of golf clubs, you will need to be just as picky about the balls. Depending on your level of advancement in this sport, your strengths and your shortcomings, you need to turn to a suitable type of ball. In this buying guide for the best golf balls, we’ve listed some essential features that will help you get ahead in this discipline.

1. Design

The design of golf balls today has evolved significantly from that of yesteryear, spherical and without depression. Moreover, if you take a look at a price comparison dating from that time, you will see a lot of difference. Following several tests and consultations of golfers and designers, the honeycomb versions appeared. Most of the balls you will encounter will have 300 to 450 depressions and are made up of two hemispheres that are always symmetrical.

The color is also important in the selection of a product. Players and connoisseurs often choose gaudy shades, which make it easier to spot stray balls in the background. The different designs of golf balls have given rise to two distinct categories, the first being the practice ball and the second being the playing ball. The former are the only ones allowed on the greens, yet many agree. that the seconds fly better and can reach distances of more than 20 m in a single shot.

one piece

Typically, a one piece golf ball will be found on your golf course. These are the cheapest bullets you are going to find. Very unlikely that you are going to find these balls for sale to use on the golf course. One-piece balls are typically made from one piece of solid surlyn with dimples molded into the blanket.

Two pieces

A hard ball with an acrylate or resin core usually coated with surlyn. The blanket is exceptionally durable and won’t cut or chew badly, giving you something that lasts a good number of turns (if you don’t waste your balls!) .

Two piece balls are very affordable and offer a lot of distance, so they are very popular with beginner golfers if you are one! However, they don’t spin a lot!

Three pieces

Today’s three-piece balls have a solid core with an improved layer of rubber between the core and the cover. The cover is molded onto the golf ball and is made of a surlyn or polyurethane material. Three-piece balls are softer than two-piece balls and offer a higher spin rate, which allows for better flight control and a bit more spin on the green.

The handy thing about three-piece balls is that they offer a lower spin rate than the driver compared to the wedge . Three-piece golf balls are always a good option for a beginner if you prefer a softer golf ball.


The golf ball for advanced players. It is made up of four or five layers and offers players higher swing speeds, more distance and maximum spin. The inner core provides an explosive distance and the layers between the core and the cover provide varying spin speeds depending on the club being used.

Finally, the cover is ultra thin allowing maximum backspin and control over wedge pulls. The only downside is the golf ball warps quickly and you will probably be using at least two of them for each round you play.

The best players in the world are not looking for the distance from a golf ball, but rather the spin and control and the multi-layered golf ball provides just that.

2. size & Compression

The size and compression of the ball in training or competition differs from player to player. The more experienced will have no trouble getting to grips with the 100 compression 

Compression is a measure of the deflection experienced by a golf ball when struck. It is measured between 0 and 200, 200 being a bullet that does not compress and a 0 being a bullet that deflects 0.20 inches or more. Most golf balls are between 50 and 100 in compression.

The lower the compression of a golf ball, the more the ball will deform on impact. And a ripple effect is greater the more the area will be in contact with the club face.

models, although they are known to be quite difficult to control. While for beginners and children we recommend the 80 to 70.

On the opposite hand, for the primary case, golfers are required to respect certain standards like the diameter of the ball which must be greater than 0.18 inches.

The number of layers also depends on the latter. On the market, there are versions that have 2, 3, 4. It goes without saying that a copy with 4 layers will be thicker than another at only 2. Large items react better to the touch of the iron. , unlike 2-piece models. However, they last longer.

3. Materials &  technology


Before considering where to buy new golf balls, you should know that each part is made from different materials. For models with 3, 4 or 5 layers, one or more envelopes are inserted between the two.

So, for the core, it is most often designed in titanium. As for the coating, brands today favor hybrid materials, generally synthetic, namely Surlyn or urethane.

When choosing materials, take into consideration your play style, as well as any gaps that need to be addressed, and how long you expect your equipment to last. Only by following these tips will you be able to correctly answer the question of how to buy better value for money golf balls.

Cover composition

Generally, there are two primary covering materials to the modern golf ball. The first is a surlyn blanket and the second is a polyurethane composition.

Of the 2 the surlyn provides a rather firmer feel and therefore the primary effect is distance. Polyurethane covers are softer and provide more rotation and control.

When choosing the right golf ball, keep in mind what you are looking for. Is it primarily the distance and durability of a golfer or do you want more of a softer feel golf ball? In our opinion, the goal for you to be a beginner would be to find a golf ball that can do a long distance, but also one with a good feel.

Golfing with a hard ball is really not pleasant, so try to find a middle ground between feel and distance when looking for your ideal golf ball.

It’s even better to take a spin or two to test three or four balls and see what works best for you. One thing is certain however, we have chosen the best options available on the market, so keep one of the options above! It will save you a little time, it is a guarantee.

Usually urethane golf balls are more for advanced or top level golfers, but you still have manufacturers offering mid level golf balls with this cover composition.

Once again, of the two main types of blankets available, you will opt for surlyn coated golf balls, which will benefit you for the distance.


Many players emphasize distance when talking about improving their golf game. The more a person can achieve it, the better a golfer they think they will become. Now, whether it’s true or not, golf ball manufacturers have released revolutionary technology that can be a game-changer for any player.

The reason manufacturers are building golf balls that go further than ever before is that with basic multi-layered technology, the golf ball compresses more dynamically and launches at a faster rate. It is not uncommon for an amateur golfer to choose a better golf ball that suits their game and in turn gain between 5 and 10 yards

B- technology:

With the advent of modern technology, golf balls are flying farther and rolling farther than ever before. With new multi-layered golf ball technology, you can decrease the amount of greens you miss and increase the amount of carry.

At first glance, golf balls appear to be very simple sports equipment, but if you cut one up and really look inside, you will notice that there is some ingenious technology involved in their design.

Most manufacturers will make specific types of golf balls for specific types of players. If you lack distance or precision then there is absolutely a golf ball on the market that can really help your game.


In addition to providing more distance, multi-layered core technology has made golf balls more precise. The reason golf balls have become more precise is that nowadays when they are taken off the tee, multi-core technology makes the ball spin less left and right.

This means for the everyday golfer, if you tend to slice the ball, with new golf balls your slice will move less offline. This is great news for players looking to get the most out of the golf ball they are playing.

If you want to be more specific with each club in your bag, you should seriously consider looking for a more modern golf ball.


There are between 300 and 500 dimples on a golf ball, but the most common number of dimples is in the range of 336 to 392.

The dimples create a thin, turbulent boundary layer around the perimeter of the ball to smooth the air flowing down around the golf ball and then push the golf ball up. Much like the aerodynamics of an airplane and how it hovers in the air.

The dimples on a golf ball are absolutely essential to performance. Without doubt, this is the most important factor in a golf ball as the dimples are what allow the golf ball to fly the distance it does.

In summary, the smaller the surface area of ​​a golf ball, the less affected it is by wind and rain which slows it down as it passes through the air. The deeper and smaller the dimples, the lower the ball flight and the higher the backspin.

Conversely, the wider and deeper the dimples, the higher the pitch and the lower the speed of rotation. The latter obviously you will agree provides a lot more distance compared to the first option.

Dimples come in different shapes such as ovals, water drops, hexagons and the most common is the circle.

One thing needs to be said though, the non-circular dimples were short lived in fighting. Manufacturers tried these forms and soon realized that there was no benefit and were not particularly successful.

4. Price range

Between the different manufacturers of golf balls there will be a wide range of prices per golf ball. Game enhancement type balls are going to cost you a lot less money than a more professional type golf ball.

Golf balls specifically designed to provide more distance will be cheaper and more easily accessible than golf balls designed to increase spin and improve control.

The less experienced player is recommended to buy and start with a cheaper golf alternative, then slowly move on to more expensive golf balls. High-end bullets can cost you over five dollars per bullet.

Most popular brands:

On your course, know that the choice of the ball is as important as that of the club. It is necessary to look into the selection criteria before proceeding with its purchase. Your future gear should respond in accordance with your playing style and performance. Once these parameters have been adopted, we invite you to follow this article which aims to inform you about the most popular brands of golf balls on the market at the moment.

Titleist golf balls brand

Titleist is an internationally renowned American manufacturer. The brand no longer needs to make itself known in the field. In recent years, Titleist has become a benchmark in terms of golf balls.

The brand offers a multitude of types of equipment that can adapt perfectly to all the performances of the players concerned. Amateur or professional, Titleist also offers a wide range of choices when it comes to the structure of its models. Indeed, you have the possibility of opting for balls of 2 to 5 layers, according to your style of play.

Callaway golf balls brand

You are probably looking for the golf ball that can meet your expectations. You might want to consider taking a look at the articles from Callaway. The brand is renowned in the field because of the quality of its products.

Callaway equipment also has the particularity of offering attributes of resistance to any test. You won’t risk distorting them, no matter how powerful your swing is.

Nike golf balls brand

Nike is a brand that no longer needs presentation in the field of sports equipment design. You can find its equipment in almost all sports activities. It is renowned for manufacturing products with very good value for money.

Indeed, the brand’s articles are accessible for all budgets. However, they do offer robustness attributes that guarantee their longevity. You will then be able to have prototypes of resistant golf balls which are not likely to be damaged quickly. You can benefit from quality equipment at a lower cost.

TaylorMade golf balls brand

Are you still in doubt about the choice of your equipment? TaylorMade is a brand that can probably meet your needs. The brand offers a wide range of products that can easily suit all the performance levels of users on a golf course and consider it as one of the best golf balls for high handicappers.

Beginners, amateurs or professionals, no matter your level, TaylorMade golf balls have been designed to accommodate all types of players. But also, the brand’s models have the particularity of presenting interesting robustness characteristics.

Bridgestone golf balls brand

Bridgestone has a place in our selection among the most popular brands on the market right now. Indeed, it differs from other brands by the design of its golf balls. These are made from quality materials giving them a good longevity.

But also, you have the possibility to choose the design according to your level. In general, these materials are nicknamed as “multilayers” because of their structures with several parts enclosing its core.


The bottom line is that you must have the best golf balls if you want any improvement on your game. With the advent of five-layer golf ball technology, accuracy and distance have never been better. at your fingertips.

If you play with very old golf balls or golf balls in hand, you are at a disadvantage by the player who plays with the latest and best the modern world has to offer. Don’t get behind the pack right off the bat, go out and find the best golf ball you can possibly play with.

frequently asked Questions


Q1: How to hit the ball when playing golf? 

For a successful strike, our advice first concerns your positioning. Indeed, you must know how to keep a club, it is the basis. Pick the one that makes you comfortable and place the ball on the tee. To optimize the strike, use the driver or the iron which will allow the ball to land near the hole or on the fairway. For long holes, use a driver. On the other hand, use the iron if they are shorter. If you are going to do a long shot, it is advisable to drive the tee deeper. Thus, the ball will be struck with the central part of the club head, and its trajectory will be very low. For short holes, a high trajectory will favor the shot. It is therefore advisable not to sink the tee too far.

Q2: How to make the golf ball go up?

Look where you are aiming. Then your left shoulder should be positioned higher than the right one. If you are left-handed, it will be the same principle with reverse positions. Place your weight on the back leg. The ball should be put in the front of your stance. To make it easier to hit and lift the ball better, place it on a small pad of grass. Complete a full swing. For the finish, make sure you have the club pointed up, towards the sky. This will allow the ball to go much higher.

Q3: Where to place the golf ball?          

To place the golf ball, you will need to use a benchmark to ensure that the target is aligned with the face of the club. Place the ball in the middle of the feet, if it is a 7 iron or pitch club. On the other hand, if it is 6.5 iron, and wood, it is recommended to install the ball near the front foot. For the Driver, the ball will be placed near the heel of the front foot.

Q4: What material is a golf ball made of?

Before buying a golf ball, you need to know what should normally constitute it. It is made of 2 to 5 layers of synthetic materials. It includes urethane and Surlyn in particular. It can sometimes be equipped with a titanium core, with high compression. It has a flexible shell which is covered with a lacquered sheath.

Q5: How do I mark my golf ball?      

Whether you chose to invest in an expensive ball or were able to find yourself the cheapest item, in some cases it is necessary to mark your ball. To do this, use a ball marker, for example, a coin. Place it behind the ball. You can also put it on the side so that it does not interfere with the game.

Q6: Why is the golf ball dimpled?

The golf ball is dimpled to optimize its lift. Moreover, it also helps to decrease the effect of drag. This is how the 0.1 lb ball can stay in the air longer. Also remember that in order to successfully shoot and before buying, it is always best to know how much a golf ball weighs.

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