Best Golf Driver for Seniors

Golfing is one of the sports everyone can play, no matter how old they are. Seniors especially are known to enjoy golf, some of them are first-timers just learning how to enjoy it; others are old pros. No matter where you stand, we have the best golf driver for seniors to improve your game.

Choosing a Great Driver For You As a Senior Golfer

Know how to pick the best golf driver as a Senior golf player

As a senior, you want a driver that is comfortable and easy to hold and use. How is one supposed to choose a great golf driver? Read on to find out. 

Adjustable Features

Do you need more height? Would you prefer adjustable weights on your driver? Adjustable drivers are not ideal for all senior golfers, but for some, it can be a real lifesaver if you want to enjoy the game in comfort.


If someone tells you that you have a forgiving club, it simply means it lessens the effects of bad contact and swings. Even the greats use them, so if you have a handicap that is mid to high range, consider locating a driver that offers lots of forgiveness. 


Look for a driver that has clean lines and an obvious indicator that tells them the “sweet spot” they have to hit that matches the golf ball to the head of the driver.


Loft is the angle of the club’s face as it sits on the shaft. Many golfers think that the lower the angle of said loft, the more yards the ball will fly, but this isn’t true for those with slow speed swings. As a senior, it’s best to find a driver that has a loft and keep it 12 degrees for best results.


Hold the driver in your hand. How does it feel? Golfers need to look for clubs that offer comfort because you will be more confident in your ability to play a good game once you hit the links. Practice with your driver. If you know how a ball feels as it comes off the face of your club, you can adjust your play style accordingly, which will improve your score.

Shaft of the Driver

shaft of golf driver
Shaft Of The Golf Driver

The shaft of your preferred senior driver matters, but why? Flex rating and length are two main factors :

Flex Rating

Flex rating is based upon how fast you swing your club. Pros like Luke Donald are capable of executing high-speed swings (120 MPH)  and thus tend to use stiff shafted clubs. Meanwhile, flexible shafts are for golfers that swing around 70-85 MPH.  Senior flex clubs do exist, and if your speed ranges 70-85 MPH, they can improve your drive length.

Shaft Length

The length of your shaft is vital in figuring out your swing speed. For those with slow swing speeds, it’s critical to see if having a shortened shaft would increase the speed of the ball’s travel. In most instances, the speed will absolutely increase. 

Many seniors’ drivers available at sporting goods stores and online are about 45 inches, but even lowering the shaft length by a single inch could increase the swing speed and therefore create a longer drive. 

explore the Best Golf Drivers For Seniors


1. TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

This is a golf club that features a tough titanium head and adjustable loft sleeve. As a result, your launch is optimized for great performance. The club itself is very forgiving and offers a standard grip. The shaft is high quality, and as an added bonus, it comes with a headcover.  Those of you with a 70-85 MPH swing speed- and even slightly above that (90 MPH) will find this to be useful in increasing your trajectory.

The driver is lightweight and offers a beautiful but simple look, and you will really love how fast the ball goes off the face of the driver. Aside from performing like a champ, the club makes a great sound when hitting the balls. 


  • Great price for a quality club
  • Offers great distance
  • Forgiving


  • Only one color choice 

2. Cobra Golf Men’s 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver

This driver offers a lightweight option to those who need it. You save 18 grams of weight thanks to a light clubhead, a lightweight grip, and a very light shaft. The face technology on this club is great; there is a titanium face insert included, which increases your ball’s speed and distance across a larger face area.

The club is also forgiving thanks to the back and heel weighting. This gets you a straighter ball flight and a higher launch. 

Senior golfers that want an offset design or straight neck design can both use this great club. Offset will get you max draw bias, while a straight neck design provides a traditional appearance during address. 

You will enjoy adding yards to your drive, and hitting the fairways will always be part of your game thanks to the straight hits you get with this driver.


  • Product has perfect ratings
  • Improves swing speed
  • Adjustable loft


  • No color choices available

3. TaylorMade M6 Driver

What if you could buy a driver that improved your speed, and it was legal to use? TaylorMade has done it- thanks to individually testing each head for speed and utilizing tuning resin to, in essence,  max your ball speed and distance when using the M6 Driver.

You will love the carbon sole design as it features an “inertia generator.” The club’s design provides increased speed, which means harder hits and greater distance.

Each driver has been injected by the TaylorMade company to help golfers reach the maximum legal limit of ball speed. We mentioned earlier that having the right club means increased confidence and better overall scores for you- this is a club that delivers both and improves everyone’s golf game.


  • Adds extra 10-15 yards to your drive
  • Improves accuracy in drives
  • May improve your swing speed


  • No headcover included with purchase

4. Cleveland Golf Men’s HB Driver

This features a 12-degree loft and is made of lightweight graphite. Golfers who think they can’t get longer drives thanks to age, think again. This is a great place to start if you’re new to the senior driver scene, and you will feel the difference as you swing.

The head is nice and weighty, and you will hear and feel that ball go. Drives may increase by 20 yards in some cases! If you golf with a mid-handicap, or are a senior and find yourself losing distance, try this club.


  • Great price for the quality
  • Great forgiveness
  • Results in straight ball hits


  • Sound is annoying on this driver

5. PGX Offset Driver 

Here is a great brand of driver if you would like quality but don’t have hundreds to spend on a club. This offers you a 460cc clubhead, a sleek and modern look, and the offset of this great driver is amazing at squaring the ball during impact. This matters because it grants you a straighter drive.

This is a top-rated driver because it is a great value, and while it is not going to perform at the same level as an expensive driver, it gets the job done and feels good to use.


  • Great club for the price
  • Large sweet spot
  • 10.5-degree loft


  • Straight face and loft construction prevent balls from traveling as far as other drivers.


In sum, our favorite choice of all these would have to be the TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver. It’s got all a senior golfer needs- flex, loft, and a great feel for max confidence. It’s better than the others in our opinion because it’s not low quality, but not unreasonably priced. It’s a great, mid-range club that will make your games more enjoyable.

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