Best Nike golf balls

Best Nike Golf Balls

Finding the perfect golf ball for your needs and style can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re newer to the game. Nike is a company that many golfers, including professional players, trust. Let’s take a look at the best Nike golf balls around and which ones could work for you.

Three Things to Consider When Selecting a Golf Ball

Three things to consider when selecting a golf ball

Having a good relationship with your golf balls is a must if you’re going to enjoy your game. Here are a few factors you should consider when looking at a golf ball.

Exterior Design

There are two types of material commonly used in the exterior of golf balls. The choice of material will affect the way the ball flies, and the price. Surlyn is the cheaper of the two and is very durable with a harder shell.

Nike balls use the second material type, urethane. This is not as durable as surlyn and is more expensive but has a much softer feel and gives more control. Urethane-covered balls also impart more spin.

The dimples found on the exterior also serve a purpose, helping to reduce drag. The size and shallowness of the dimples make a difference.

Interior Design

The best golf balls are multi-layered. The core is made of resing or synthetic rubber and wrapped in two or more layers before the coating is added. Usually the more the layers, the pricier the ball, with each layer designed for a specific function.

Nike balls have two to three layers. They are not as extreme as a five-layer Callaway but still offer very good quality at an affordable price.


This is what will determine what a golf ball will perform best at. The softer the core of a ball, the lower the compression. This kind of ball will feel soft on impact and on the green. A harder core means higher compression, creating a ball that will perform better with distance and range.

Some brands focus on premium quality and are geared towards professional players. Others focus on providing a light and fun experience at the novice level. Nike is in the upper range and has been consistently producing excellent quality golf balls. 

They are exiting the golf industry, though, so grab some of their golf balls while you still can.

Here is a list of the best Nike golf balls.

Nike Mix AAAA 

This bag carries a selection of the best Nike ball models: mojo, karma, crush, juice, crush, ignite, velocity, feel+speed, tour control, tour accuracy, and ndx. The balls may have some pen markings or logos but are otherwise in excellent condition.


  • Affordable. You get great quality at a fraction of the price
  • Great way to try out different styles
  • Used, but show little to no wear
  • Perfect for practice


  • The bag comes as is, and may be missing a ball model or two

Nike Golf PD Long Power Distance Golf Balls, White

This is an excellent golf ball for anyone new to the game. Made with a high-velocity core, these golf balls are designed to fly long and straight down the fairway. The 314 dimples on the exterior are designed to reduce drag as much as possible, helping to achieve distance.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Good choice for beginners
  • Give good control when aiming for distance
  • 2-piece golf ball


  • Lacking in spin
  • Short game feel is not the best

Nike 20XI-X Golf Balls (1-Dozen)

Nike is respected for producing quality golf equipment, and this golf ball is easily one of the company’s best creations. These balls are well-respected by professional golfers and can often be seen at tour levels used by the likes of Tiger Woods.


  • Excellent distance
  • Great control off of the tee
  • Deliver tour-level performance
  • Ball designed to maximize roll
  • Softer than many other distance balls, giving good control


  • Not the cheapest
  • Not the best choice for players with a fast swing

Nike Mojo Karma Color Mix – Mint Quality

This is one of Nike’s older golf ball designs but has never really gone out of fashion. This ball shows a remarkable balance of quality and durability. These are used balls but colored with the Karma mix. The end quality is a ball that hardly differs from a brand new one.


  • Very durable
  • Good overall quality
  • Design favors long-distance shots
  • Funky color mix
  • Excellent for practice
  • Well-suited to novice players


  • This is an old version discontinued by Nike
  • Can be hard to source
  • Difficulty in sourcing may make it more expensive than it should be

Nike 2015 Lady Power Distance Golf Balls

Primarily designed for slower swingers, these balls feel soft and do well with long shots. They have a nice touch on the greens, although not much spin. These balls fly true and far, producing a lot of roll. 


  • 320-dimple design is aerodynamic and encourages high lift
  • Soft ionomer cover
  • Low-compression core
  • Suited to slower swingers
  • Soft feel off of any club
  • This ball has a high launch and lift for a longer carry, works well for distance


  • Can be hard to source
  • Difficulty in sourcing may make it more expensive than it should be
  • Not the best alternative for high swinging speeds

Our Pick of The Best

The type of ball you select can really affect your game, regardless of your level. We hope our explanation of golf ball attributes and list of top five Nike golf balls help you select the best ball for your needs. 

And that’s why the Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls are our personal favorite. Imagine getting all the best Nike golf balls at a small fraction of the cost. These balls show little to no wear and are a great, affordable way to try out different styles and practice your swing.

Chances are you’ll find one of the best balls for the money in this bag of 50! And what’s even better is that because they’re so affordable, you don’t have to stress about losing a ball or two on the course.

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