My “Aha Moment” About The Best Golf Rangefinder for 2023

Finding the best golf range finder can really help a golfer improve their playing style and making the best choice can sometimes be a real challenge, especially with the various items available on the market.

  • A device that is too bulky is bulky for the user compared to pocket-sized products which easily fit in bags.
  • A product that offers poor image quality is not recommended for those looking for precision hardware.
  • A product with overly complex features and options is difficult to handle.
  • An essential measuring device to improve golf performance. But proceeding with the purchase of such a device requires careful consideration. 

So it is important to pay attention to the quality-price ratio to make the right choice while being based on the various selection criteria. and to excel at golf, you need to be equipped with the right equipment. Among them is the golf rangefinder.

There are also many models on the market. So how do you choose? To help you, our ratings are based on hundreds of customer reviews and external tests. “According to the results of several tests, the golf rangefinder is practical, simple, and easy to use.”

here we present a quick description of the best golf rangefinders to you:

Do not hesitate to consult our comparative guide bellow of the best golf rangefinders to find the one adapted to your needs. This will save you time and avoid bad purchases.

What is a golf rangefinder?

This precision instrument, also called golf laser rangefinder or golf binoculars, measures distance. This allows golf players to gain precision every time, it allows a golfer to more accurately assess the distance between his tee and his goal. It will also allow golf enthusiasts to assess the spacing between the ball and the pole across the fairway and the green.

The equipment can be equipped with a GPS or a laser pro. Whether it is for a women’s golf course or a men’s golf course, it is always essential to have the right instruments to improve your performance. No need to count your steps anymore. You save time to focus on the essentials: improving your swing and your golfing skills with each round”

An advanced range finder can allow you to choose which golf club you should take, based on the calculated distance. More sophisticated than the first models, it is nevertheless necessary to choose them well to have precision devices. They sometimes offer interesting additional functions for all golf course enthusiasts.

The results of evaluations on golf rangefinders highlight that this type of product is authorized by the USGA ( United States Golf Association ). Therefore, it is important in golf bags.

With a margin of error of less than 100cm (39.37 in), it is an extremely precise optical device. Thanks to a ray of light that hits the target and returns to the device, it can tell with great precision the distance and many other details depending on the device chosen.

This type of golf range finder can be used equally well for golf, hunting and more…, and therefore allows you to take a distance measurement for outdoor golf courses or outdoor sports.

What is the best golf rangefinder?

To identify good quality products among many others, it is important to rely on certain characteristics:

  • A high-end quality rangefinder fits easily in a bag and doesn’t take up too much space.
  • It should be easy to use and handle. The instructions for use should be easy for the user to understand.
  • The device should have a long range, on average two to three times the use.

Why take one?

Here are the few reasons that should encourage you to invest in this measuring equipment dedicated to golf:

  • The evaluation of the spacings is less restrictive compared to the measurements given by the physical indications;
  • The instrument will help you in your training in order to improve your shots and therefore improve your scores;
  • Thanks to the precise measurement indications, you will be able to choose the right club for your next shot.

Laser or GPS rangefinders?

Choosing between laser models and those with GPS is one of the first criteria for constraining a good player. However, you should know that the laser offers more precise measurements compared to GPS. Anyway, if you want cheap equipment, you will find your target in the model with GPS. Although it is quite expensive, the laser model is, however, the most recommended, especially if you are a beginner golfer.

How does a golf rangefinder work?

According to the results of several tests, the golf rangefinder makes it possible to measure golf distances simply and efficiently. To do this, the device transmits light rays that will hit a specific target on the course. The light beams then return to the starting point.

Customer reviews believe that their use requires some mastery. To start, you have to aim at the chosen flag. Based on the feedback collected, the device requires a colored target to function properly. The target should be bright and shimmering colors.

For golfers who do not have a sufficiently bright target, the manufacturers of the best golf range finders offer models with an anti-vibration option. This innovative feature allows the player to better combine precision and skill. Even when the player’s hand is shaking, the device still accurately measures the desired distance.

It is also important to know how to use it well. The first thing to do is locate the target. Start by aiming the device directly at the intended target. When you see the target, pull the trigger and release the laser beam on the target. Then please check the distance displayed on the display screen. In case you can’t find a positive reading, you need to make the device more stable and repeat the range.

In order to obtain a specific shot and a precise distance, it is also possible to choose the right element by considering a few criteria depending on the route. If you are on a hilly golf course, for example, it is recommended that you use the lean angle to get precise distances.

This is because the tilt angle allows you to locate and measure the angles of the object produced by the difference in elevation. The ranger calculates the horizontal distance, only according to the angle. Compared to a straight line down the slope to the base of the target, the distance is much shorter.

What types of golf range finders are there?

Thanks to our comparison, you will have an overview of the different types of golf rangefinders available on the market. You can therefore make the best choice according to your expectations and your requirements. Purchases generally turn to two distinct categories: laser range finder and GPS range finder. But what are the particularities of each? 

Laser golf rangefinders:

This is the most practical and easy-to-use model. According to the results of numerous tests, the player does not waste time mapping the course. All he has to do is point the device towards the target and activate the rangefinder. The device automatically takes care of directing the light rays to assess the distance.

The results of several tests report that laser golf range finders are very practical because they are light and easy to handle. The weight generally varies from 150 to 400 grams. Reviews also indicate a wide measuring range on the best models of laser golf range finders (400 to 1,300 yards).

Despite these strengths, evaluation results point to a high price for this type of golf range finder. The comments show a price that varies from one to another on most models. Their price difference is explained by the variety of options available on each model.

The advantages:

  • Accurately measure all kinds of distance over various obstacles (bunkers, water obstacles, etc.).
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to use on a daily basis.
  • Suitable for beginners and experts alike.
  • Wide measuring range.
  • Several features to choose from.

The disadvantages:

  • Expensive rate.

GPS golf rangefinders:

This second variety is one of the models commonly purchased on the market. Budding amateurs and professionals alike use it in golf to improve their performance and playing comfort. Reviews indicate that this type of device makes it easier to find one’s way in space.

Still, according to our evaluations, the precision offered by GPS golf rangefinders allows golfers to better choose their playing tactics (choice of strategy, choice of clubs, etc.). The GPS watch worn on the wrist displays in real-time the distance from the green (entrance, middle, bottom…).

However, customer reviews highlight a few weak points. Some comments, for example, deplore the quality of certain GPS watches and their lack of performance.

The advantages:

  • Practical since GPS watches are worn on the wrist in all circumstances.
  • Perfect for making the best game decisions that are needed.
  • Displays in real time the distance from the green.
  • Cheap.

The disadvantages:

  • Deplorable quality of some models.
  • Perfectible performance.

This is how the golf rangefinder is tested:

For our comparison to display reliable and transparent results, it is necessary to list the different criteria on which the golf rangefinders are tested.

The scope:

As stated in many reviews, the range should not be overlooked when purchasing the golf rangefinder. The best models on the market are based on this criterion, on which the power of the device is mainly based. According to the results of numerous tests, golfers at an advanced level prefer to bet on long-range models.

The distance display:

The many opinions collected underline that the majority of golf range finder users are Americans. This is why most models available on the market display distances in yards.

Consumers, therefore, recommend checking this detail to be sure that the figures indicated are in meters, especially in European countries.

Integrated options and accessories:

According to the comments gathered, it is important to list your needs before buying the best golf rangefinder. Models with various accessories are, according to the results, more expensive. The different accessories are cover, strap, cleaning cloth, maintenance kit …

As these criteria are not important for you, it is advisable to opt for classic models.

Benefits of using a golf binocular:

By equipping yourself with a golf range finder, you eliminate an important hazard from the outset: the distance to the flag. It also affects your confidence level: you know you are going to hit your golf swing with the right club in your hands!


Except that the golf rangefinder is much more discreet: you can indeed store it in your bag, it takes up very little space!

A golf GPS watch usually gives you the following distances: entrance to the green, middle of the green, back of the green. But very often this is not enough, because you cannot always know the position of the flag on the green. The golf rangefinder is very practical because it allows you to locate the precise position of the flag.

1. Fill up with confidence:

How do you do without a golf rangefinder? The golfer has a lot of parameters to deal with in order to achieve a good golf swing. The fundamentals of posture, grip, alignment, for a good set-up. These elements are part of the routine even before the golf swing begins. Then can intervene in all the thoughts related to the good progress of the swing and all the stages which follow one another for this purpose. So many uncertainties for the golfer.


In this ocean of parameters to control, there is good news. Now the golfer can have certainties. And this is a great novelty: he can indeed know to the nearest yard the distance which separates him from the flag, or from any obstacle on the road to his target. These are all elements the golfer will be able to rely on to increase his or her confidence level. And we know that confidence, the mind, are very important elements to succeed in this discipline of precision, very selective golf. Pro golfers are divided.

2. Adopt the right strategy:

Imagine the following situation: On a par 5, you have successfully landed your tee shot down the fairway. Very happy when you get to your ball, you are about to play your second stroke. But you see an obstacle in the distance. A stream crosses the fairway right through. There are no alternatives, you will have to get over it at some point. Thanks to your rangefinder, you will be able to assess very precisely the distance that separates you from this water obstacle. The distance to the entry point, but also the distance to the exit point of the water obstacle, and therefore its length.


Will you pass over the obstacle with your second shot, or will you attempt to pass over it? As we will see, in this case, the contribution of technology adds new elements to guide the golfer in his strategic choices. Of course, the final decision is up to the golfer, not the rangefinder they use. But how do you do without this new information to make a thoughtful decision? This is much better than saying to yourself: This obstacle, I think I can overcome it because, at first glance, it must be 150 yards(140 meters). When in reality it was much further, and it cost you a bullet in the water and the penalty point that goes with it.

Here is another example of a situation where the contribution of the range finder will be invaluable: The situation is the same, on a Par-5, you have successfully put in play, with a superb drive of 251 yard (230 meters). Should you try to attack the green with your second shot, or is it better to break the distance in half? If you’re the type who doesn’t cheat on a shot, think twice. You won’t be able to hit the green with your second shot, since your golf binocular is telling you it’s out of range, even when you hit the ball perfectly with your magic 3 wood. To reach it, you have to cover a distance of 54 or 76 yard (50-70 meters).

What you realize is that at this distance there are pretty little shrubs that sport the perfectly mowed fairways. You know this because your rangefinder gave you the information live. By playing your magic 3 wood, you risk sending your ball very close to these natural obstacles. Your 3rd shot will therefore be close enough to the green, but you risk being hampered by these shrubs, to be able to reach it easily! Well yes, the architect had thought of everything, and these shrubs are not actually there by chance, they defend the green, just like the bunkers.

It is so much to swallow your pride, to assert your wisdom and maturity. The correct strategy for this shot is to cut the distance in half. This will allow you to remove shrubs from the equation. With your 3rd shot, you will be able to get over it very easily. The good news, moreover, is that by breaking the distance in two, you will be able to play for example a 7 Iron followed by a Pitch, two clubs that you master a priori better than your magic 3 Wood. All these estimations, which you probably made before purchasing your magic rangefinder, are now measured very precisely.

3. Choosing the right club with a golf laser rangefinder:

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your second shot to reach the green is clearly easier? However, you are not sure which club to use to hit the green. A Pitch, or a 9 Iron? For you, technically, no matter what option you choose, you have complete confidence in it. You try to search for route information but cannot find any. You decide that it is better to use your 9 iron. Bad luck, despite a perfectly executed stroke, you go far beyond the green, your ball bounces, and ends up more than 21 yards (20 meters) from the green. In the end, the right choice of the club was the Pitch. Infuriating, right? All this is because of a lack of information.


This situation is penalizing at least two aspects: Already, you lose at least one stroke, which is not negligible. But also, and above all, your mind takes a hit! How not feel the tension after such an event? By having executed perfectly the stroke which you visualized, you are nevertheless penalized.

As we know, in golf, the tension is harmful to make free golf swings, while relaxing. It accumulates more easily than it disappears. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of confidence, which builds up much more slowly than it disappears. If you are serious about your golf, your progress in the score, you have to put all the assets on your side. A golf rangefinder will let you stay away from between 3 or 4 such situations on each course. That’s that many fewer moves on your scorecard. This is all less tension and stress in your body.

4. Save time on the course:

The distance to the flag is most of the time indicated by aids on the course: yellow stakes, for the 147yard (135 meters), blue (109y/100m), and red (54y/50m) balls. However, these signs are not always easy to see in the course. We see it very often on the course, and golfers spend a lot of time looking for these indications. But why are they so well hidden, so inconspicuous? Quite simply to preserve the natural side of the golf course. The architects try to preserve the beauty of the place and tend to ‘hide’ the indications on the course.


Once the distance indications have been located, some will count the steps that separate them from these indications. Again, a waste of time. If all golfers were provided with a golf range finder, all of this would not happen. As we know, one of the major problems of golf is that it is time-consuming. This is one of the brakes on its popularity. The rounds of golf can last up to 5 hours, which makes the practice of this discipline less accessible. 

By reducing the duration of the rounds of golf, there would be more amateurs on the courses! The use of the rangefinder in golf is a step in the right direction, as for example, the use of golf carts. By speeding up the rounds of golf, we are heading in the right direction for the future of the little white ball. 

Here is another example of a situation where the golfer will save time with his range finder: If you have the wrong clubs due to a poor estimate of the distance, you will probably miss the green, and have to make an extra shot to reach it. This extra shot will also cost you several minutes to perform.

How to choose your golf rangefinder? Selection criteria for a golf rangefinder:

A Golfer Who's measuring the distance with a golf rangefinder

When trying to choose the best golf laser range finder, you may be confused by the multiple options on offer, which are optional, which are compulsory, authorized in competitions. And it is quite natural! There is actually a fairly large range of range finder manufacturers in the world. On the other hand, you can narrow down your searches to be sure that you are really evaluating the key factors, which will be important to you.

The size of the golf rangefinder:

How big do you want your rangefinder to be? Do you want to be able to keep it in your pocket, or do you plan to leave it in your golf bag? Deciding this will help you orient yourself towards the best rangefinder for you.

Battery life:

Some rangefinders require the installation of batteries, while others are rechargeable. In both cases, you must consider the battery life in your choice to make sure you don’t run out during the entire lap.

The precision:

This is arguably the most important factor. After all, if you get the information that will prompt you to use a 6 iron over a 7 iron, and you always pass the green, then the range finder is not very useful in helping you score … Pick an accurate golf rangefinder, and have a good reputation is very important.

To clear this, good precision is evaluated at plus or minus 1 yard. It is to be put in relation to the range and the magnification because the greater they are, the more likely you are to have better precision. Usually, the anchor point is calculated using a laser or GPS. Lasers are much more accurate than GPS. Also, note that a range finder can measure height difference and tilt angle.


It is measured in yards or meters. The cheaper models are around 400 yards while the more expensive ones can go up to 1000 yards. Sometimes an LED light helps to see distant targets in dark places. 


Golfing in the rain is commonplace. The quality of the components determines the resistance to shocks, scratches, dust, and waterproofing. These latter characteristics are defined from an IP index which is composed of two digits, one indicating the level of protection against solid particles such as sand and dust (from 0 to 6) and the other communicates the resistance. with water (from 0 to 9). 


choose a device that is easy to use and handle. The screen is also an important element. Preferably, it should be easily readable to its user regardless of the environment. Each brand uses its own technology to improve display quality. It is also necessary to see in which unit the distance (in meters or in yards) is indicated. Also, check the speed at which the result is displayed.


In terms of the magnification of the images, a zoom of 7 x 18mm is more than correct. Never go below these numbers.

Height differences:

The best rangefinders take height differences into account when taking measurements. Whether the device has a range of 800m or more, it will need to be able to include height differences in its measurements.

Pinseeker technology:

This technology will allow you to achieve a specific goal. It will allow you to visualize with more precision the aim of your shots by eliminating the obstacles.


In terms of price, the models offered on the market are categorized according to the ranges. The high-end models being the most complete are to be prioritized within the framework of a professional expectation. As for the golfer who simply wants to perfect his games, he will like a mid-range model.

The low-end models are not necessarily to be deplored. They offer the basic functionality and may be sufficient for simple hobby parties. The budget to be allocated to the purchase will therefore depend on your expectations of use.

USGA approval:

USGA approval is very important. Indeed, the regulations stipulate that only golf rangefinders that have this approval can be used in tournaments. If you are going to take this measuring instrument for your tournaments, then you need to make sure you have the approval.

Golf rangefinder accessories:

Some golf range finders come with clips, bags, lens cleaners, and more. Other rangefinders are shipped without anything, and accessories will need to be purchased separately. Keep this in mind when shopping.

Pros and cons described in customer reviews about the best golf rangefinders:



  • Golf rangefinders are simple and easy to use.
  • According to the results of several tests, the pocket format makes the device light and practical for everyday use.
  • Golf rangefinders exist in different models suitable for beginners as well as experts.
  • The best models of golf range finders boast a long lasting battery.
  • Attractive price / quality ratio.
  • Suitable for young people and seniors thanks to the “anti-vibration” option.
  • Innovative and intelligent accessory (GPS functionality).
  • The golf range finder can accurately calculate the distance between the golf ball and the target.
  • Offers better shooting comfort.
  • The best models of golf range finders make it easier for learners to learn golf faster .


  • The batteries supplied with some devices are not rechargeable (source of additional expenses for each recharge).
  • Some models are heavier and less practical than others.
  • Some reviews report a lack of stability on certain golf range finder models.
  • Depending on the results of several tests, the positioning of the target may not be precise.
  • Customer feedback also indicates the absence of a protection kit on certain products.
  • Lack of maintenance kit for cleaning the golf rangefinder.
  • Some consumers complain about the high price of premium brands.
  • Improved quality of certain models.
  • Some models are complicated to use , especially for novices.
  • The opinions collected underline the importance of rigorous training before mastering the device to perfection.

Frequent Deficiencies and Deficiencies – What Should You Watch Out For When Buying a Golf Range Finder?

The shortcomings frequently encountered by consumers relate to the performance of the golf rangefinder. For beginners, for example, it is highly recommended to opt for models with basic functionality.

Finally, it should be remembered that the autonomy of the golf rangefinder depends on its power source. In general, the autonomy is of the order of six hours and more in GPS mode. Remember to check this detail when buying your next golf rangefinder.

Alternatives to golf range finders:

At the moment, no alternative capable of providing the advantages provided by the golf rangefinder exists on the market. This device has been specially designed to facilitate the experience of golf players and help them enjoy a better shot. Without a golf range finder, the player will throw the ball at random, without any calculation or precision on the distance between the ball and the target.

Internet or specialist shops: where should I buy my golf rangefinder instead?

Golf range finder models are evolving in the market. The results of several tests indicate that it is possible to obtain it in stores or on specialized online platforms. Either way, buying online has been proven to be by far the most attractive.

According to our consumer portal, this purchasing method allows us to obtain reliable results thanks to customer feedback. A highly recommended means of purchase to quickly find the best golf rangefinder on the market.

For any questions or hesitations regarding the use of golf range finders, we offer a list of frequently asked questions at the end of this comparison guide. We have compiled a series of questions frequently asked by users, with their respective answers.

A comparison between these various branded products allows you to find the model that suits you best:

Best quality price report:

TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder: The best golf rangefinder in 2023.

The TecTecTec VPRO500 is a popular golf rangefinder in the United States, despite its range of only 540 yards. And unbelievably, he comes from France!

The TecTecTec VPRO500 is the French laser rangefinder that won over Americans! Its level of precision certainly does not reach that of the most high-end, but its performance far exceeds its price. It operates over a range of 6 to 540y, and also includes the flag lock function (Pinseeker).

Its Scan function is pleasantly fast for evaluating distances. These can obviously be read in meters or in yards. Appearance has not been overlooked, the design is worthy of a professional with its classy black finish. Its compact size allows it to be taken anywhere without being cluttered. It is also supplied with a protective case, a sturdy strap, and a cloth to maintain it.


  • Optimal performance.
  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good quality device.
  • Long-lasting battery life.


  • The device requires several tries before finding the exact distance.
  • Requires a lot of training;
  • Rather narrow viewfinder.

Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder: the best second choice.

According to customer feedback, this rangefinder offers optimum precision and delivers precise readings to the flag regardless of whether or not there is a prism present. Reviews left by consumers report ease of use on atypical golf courses. 

The NX7 rangefinder measures the distance to any object with a direct vision – flags, trees, bunkers, etc. The test results also highlight optimum battery life. According to the opinions collected, the “Precision Pro Golf NX7 Laser” rangefinder meets the expectations of professional golfers.

However, according to comments related to the purchase of the “Precision Pro Golf NX7 Laser” rangefinder, the device lacks a stabilizer to make it even more efficient. Customers who have tested the product also regret the difficulty of positioning the target. Some of them find it unfortunate that the batteries are not rechargeable.


  • Good value for money.
  • Easy to use.
  • Adaptive Slope
  • 600 Yard Range.
  • Water Resistance.
  • Long-lasting battery life and lifetime battery replacement free of charge.
  • Ideal for professional players.


  • Non-rechargeable batteries;
  • Lack of stability;
  • Difficulty positioning the target.

Best cheap:

Gogogo Sport PRO-GS24: The best entry-level golf rangefinder.

With an accuracy of ± 1 m, the  GS24 PRO  is suitable for both golf and hunting. It can measure up to 650 yard and has a Flag Pole Locking Vibration Function and Slope Mode.

If you need a practical and easy-to-use golf range finder, the Gogogo Sport PRO-GS24 is for you. It weighs only 184 g for 4.17 x 1.57 x 2.83 inches. You can use it for golf but also hunting and its range laser is from 5 to 650 yards. It is, therefore, both compact and light for easy transport. In addition, this device has a Slope feature “Continuous Scan” that does the calculations for you.

The rendering of the images obtained is very satisfactory. Also, if you do not use it, in order to increase its performance, the product comes with a carrying pouch, cleaning cloth, AAA battery-powered, portable rope, and user manual.


  • Equipped with four modes that offer easy identification of the target.
  • Comes with a pouch that allows for secure storage and carrying.
  • Features an instruction manual that makes it easy to use.


  • The image may not be sharp enough

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser rangefinder: The most cost-effective rangefinder you can find.

Spending a few hours on a golf course is nothing better to take away the stress of the week. However, you don’t want to spend a fortune on this hobby. A range finder would be very useful to avoid counting your steps between each hole. No problem, you will be able to combine business with pleasure at a low price. The Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf rangefinder comes at a very low price without sacrificing quality. It measures range distances with ClearView up to 650-900 Yards.

But it also takes care of height, angles, and speed. With its qualitative lens, you can zoom up to 6 times. This rangefinder works with a lithium battery. When fully charged, the device can perform 30,000 measurements, before discharging. An asset when you want to spend all your free time on the golf course. Especially since it incorporates a charge indicator.

Like all rangefinders, its use is not limited to golf. It is therefore perfect if you also go rock climbing or go hunting. It is also exceptional for the avid Golfer, newbie Golfer, and nature enthusiast. With its 6.45 pounds, you won’t feel it. It comes with a waterproof pouch, strap, clean cloth, and operation manual. This measuring device is guaranteed for two years.

What we like:

  • Small, with excellent range and inexpensive, this rangefinder has everything a big one.
  • Fast and accurate measurement.
  • 6x clear magnification It can be used for single-tube binoculars for kids.

Its weak point:

  •  Some players don’t like having to focus every time they’re trying to locate a pin. But for some people, I think it’s a plus.
  • Some users are afraid of damaging the battery. Be delicate when inserting it.

Best high end:

Bushnell Golf Tour V4: The best premium golf rangefinder.

Once again this year, Bushnell remains the high-end benchmark among golf rangefinders. Difficult, in fact, to compete with the autonomy, precision, and range of the Tour V4!

Are you looking for a practical, fast, and precise laser rangefinder for ranges of up to 1 km (0,621371 miles)? Bushnell Tour V4 will be your assistant. Firstly, the Pinseeker Jolt technology makes it possible to aim the flag with precision even in the most wooded area. Then there is a Slope function which gives the adjusted slope distance and even the precise angle of incline of the terrain.

If necessary, the adjustment of the focal length is facilitated by the Fast Focus system. At the same time, special care has been taken of its design. The format is compact, considerably reduced compared to its predecessor V3. Thus, it is easier to store in a pocket, it is lighter and can be held with one hand. All these assets are still worth the admittedly high price.

Advantages of this model:

  • Lightweight, precise, ergonomic, it has real advantages for quickly becoming a pro of the green.

Its disadvantages:

  • This golf rangefinder is relatively expensive, which does not put it within the reach of all budgets.

Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder: Best high premium choice.

It’s the longest continuous rangefinder laser ever built. It shoots flags at distances of 500+ yards. The Bushnell Pro XE takes the Tour-trusted compensation distance to the next level with the Elements. With the addition of barometric pressure and temperature, the distances are now more precise than ever before. The new Visual JOLT feature lets golfers feel more confident about their positions.

One of the most mind-blowing Bushnell golf rangefinders you ought to consider is the Pro XE. There are many variables that impact the distance the ball will travel and how far the pin is away from you. The new Pro XE considers significantly a greater amount of these, including temperature and height just as Slope, to provide you with an exceptional degree of exactness on remunerated yardages. 

The Bushnell Pro XE is the only available on the market with a 7X magnification. It features a non-reflective flag. you can profit from the further developed PinSeeker with Visual Jolt highlight, on which a red ring currently shows up through the viewfinder alongside a vibrating burst when the banner has been distinguished from the foundation. 

This additional consolation should help your certainty with regard to the club needed for the impending shot. Another remarkable element of the Pro XE is the Bite attractive mount. This permits it to adhere to nearly anything metallic.

Key features:

  • Upgraded Ultra-Bright Backlight Display.
  • Reaches 500+ Yards to a Flag.
  • Precise to 1 Yard.
  • Slope with elements.
  • Elastic Armored Metal Housing.
  • PinSeeker with Visual JOLT Technology.
  • IPX7 Fully Waterproof.
  • 7× Magnification.
  • Underlying BITE Magnetic Cart Mount.
  • Positive Click Slope Switch.
  • Recently Designed Premium Carry Case.
  • CR2 Battery Included.


  • It looks and feels like a high-end product.
  • The screen and text are very clear.
  • Hangs very well with elements.
  • Industry-leading performance and quality.
  • The zoom is amazing.


  • Too expensive.
  • The device is quite big.

Long range:

AILEMON Pro 6X: For a long distance.

If you are looking for a long range rangefinder with better value for money, this device is for you. It combines precision and durability, and you can even use it in a tournament as long as the Slope feature is turned off.

The AILEMON Pro 6X rangefinder is capable of measuring an accurate distance to the nearest yard while playing golf. It sports an ergonomic and elegant design providing easy operation and fast focusing. The Slope technology it uses displays compensated distance measurements, based on course elevation as well as slopes to calculate the best accurate distance for you.

For convenience, the device generates a vibration to indicate that the flag is isolated in order to indicate the exact distance, and all this is thanks to the technology combined with the function VIBE (vibration). Use of the device can be authorized during tournaments only when the slope mode is deactivated. As a bonus, a protective pouch, a cord, a cleaning cloth, and a lithium battery are delivered with the device.


  • 1000 yd max range.
  • very accurate even when adjusting for elevation.
  •  the velocity feature.
  • Recharging capacity instead of changing the battery.
  •  easy to pick up and use.
  • Excellent quality-price report.


  • The range adjustment may differ slightly depending on elevation so be careful and take your time.

Entry-level alternative:

Precision Pro NX9 Golf Rangefinder Laser: An entry-level alternative.

For its price, the Pro NX9 golf rangefinder is truly impressive. In addition to being ultra-precise, it is easy to use and comes with the most useful accessories to offer its user exemplary ease of use ( installed Battery, Lens Cleaning Cloth, Golf Range Finder Case, Instruction Manual, lanyard).

The Precision Pro NX9 is a very well-made rangefinder that frankly has nothing to envy rangefinders from major brands and is also offered at an excellent Slope Measurement with the Magnet Grip Technology. The product’s vibration function is very convenient, its accuracy is very high (up to 600 Yard Range) with the possibility of 6X magnification, the price is more logical according to its price/quality ratio than similar products, and the product is a bit heavy (0.8 pounds).

The display is another key feature of the Pro NX9. The image is beautiful and clear, and the circular aiming point in the middle of the viewfinder makes it easy to lock your target. In addition, the device uses a single CR2 V3 battery and free lifetime battery replacement, which is quite common with laser rangefinders.


  • crystal-clear optics and high-speed measurements slope view.
  • designed and manufactured by real golfers.
  • free batteries for life.
  • +/- 1 yard accuracy.
  • Protection Plan.
  • water and fog resistant.


  • The weight is slightly heavy.
  • not for golfers that cannot hold it with a steady hand.

Nikon Coolshot 20 GII: The Alternative.

The Nikon brand no longer needs presentation. Better known no doubt for its digital cameras, it is also unanimous among golfers, with its very good rangefinders. Here is just one that offers a distance calculation of up to 798 yards. This device, even if it is facing a target under the trees, will be able to ignore obstacles. With a very good quality monocular ( zoom X6 ), it offers bright image quality.

Ergonomic, the coolshot 20 GII fits in the palm of the hand. Golfers can therefore stay focused on their next target. It only takes a few seconds to give an accurate distance. You will be able to choose the appropriate golf club, depending on the result given. A single button with several different time presses allows you to always have a convincing answer.

Weighing only 4.6 Ounces, it can slip into your pocket. It uses a CR2 lithium battery. This rangefinder can withstand large temperature variations. So you can play in almost any weather. Its purchase price is quite correct. It is guaranteed for 1 year.

Its strong point

  • Want to play while it’s drizzling a little? No problem, this rangefinder is waterproof and anti-fog.
  • Ideal for amateurs.
  • Good quality product.
  • Convenient and easy to use.

Its little flaw

  • Either, it can fit in a pocket, but we would have liked to find a protective pouch for this rangefinder.
  • Lack of protective cover.
  • Plastic Materials.
  • Low precision (1 to 2.19 yard).


Mileseey Rangefinder Laser Rangefinder: A sure value.

A device designed for golf, this laser rangefinder offers precise measurements of the distance on the playing field. With a range of 660 yards, it is suitable for outdoor use. In addition, it is easy to carry with a weight of 168 grams ((0.37 pounds).

This go-anywhere laser rangefinder is suitable for golfing, hunting, shooting, climbing, and building work. Thanks to its large range of 660 yard and high precision of ± 0.5 m, it allows you to enjoy a really powerful and good quality device on a reflective surface with precise distances. Equipped with a Lithium battery and much easier to install and exchange the battery” just need to push the cover”. The interface is nice and clear, displaying all the information you need to know. You can rotate the eyepiece to adjust the focus if necessary. Convert the measurement from yards to meters by simply holding down the mode button for a few seconds.

This device also provides access to a continuous scanning mode. It is light and compact, and can even be used during a tournament to gain precision. Its rubber coating will absorb shocks and prevent slipping. In short, it is the device to have at all costs this year!

Mileseey’s best-value golf laser rangefinder is a gem of technology for the golfer. As it is a high-end product, very high performance is expected. Moreover, it is one of the favorite brands of pro golfers. You will love the Mileseey rangefinders which have nothing to envy the Bushnell. The measurement is punctual and fast. For the slopes, it also does an excellent job. It is this type of product that we want to have as a companion to quickly improve our game.

Essential features are included in the Mileseey: 

The fast focus allows you to adjust the optics to your own eyesight. It can also take into account the difference in height. The Mileseey gives a vibrating signal to the golfer to confirm that he is targeting the flag. It has an LCD screen, is precise and compact. On the Mileseey model, the zoom is x6. It can be used by hand or even on a tripod.

Strong points:  

  • Precise, compact, function to adjust the optics to your sight, height difference, measures distances up to 660 yard, the one used by the pros.

weak points:

  • battery life may not satisfy some players’ needs.


By introducing the rangefinder in your golf courses, you risk being a little destabilized at first. It’s like everything, it’s a device that you have to learn to use. Also, remember to take a model with instructions and guides.

But then when you have taken your marks, the reverse will happen: you will not be able to do without!


Why buy a golf rangefinder?

The golf range finder allows you to effectively measure the distance between you and your target.

How much does a golf rangefinder cost?

it varies between Low-end models. Mid-range golf range finders and the most luxurious models.

What is the optimum reading speed for a golf range finder?

About 5 km(3,10686 mile) / hour.

What is the main benefit of a golf range finder?

As indicated in our comparison, the main advantage lies in the possibility of strengthening your golf skills more quickly.

How can I improve my golf game?

It is not enough to have a good swing or a good club to excel at this sport. You will need to have a lot of gear to achieve this. It is in this sense that the golf rangefinder has been specially designed to optimize the game.

How does a golf rangefinder work?

This device uses laser technology to accurately measure the distances between the user and the flag or any other obstacle.

Can a golf range finder be used in rainy or foggy weather?

It all depends on the model you have. Indeed, some devices are waterproof with an appropriate waterproof index in the event of bad weather and are not likely to be damaged.

How to properly store a golf rangefinder?

Like any electronic device, it usually comes with a protective and storage case. If you do not have one, keep it away from moisture, dust, and out of the reach of children to prevent falls.

How to choose your golf rangefinder?

Criteria to consider include water resistance, battery life, range, weight, and screen display.

What are the best brands on the market?

Some of the biggest brands include Nikon, TecTecTec, and Bushnell.

What is the average range of a golf rangefinder?

From 447 to 547 yard (400 to 500 meters).

What is the best golf range finder model?

It all depends on your needs and your budget. Consult our comparison guide to find the best model at the best price.

Where to buy a golf rangefinder?

You can go to a specialty store or browse the Internet to find online stores with golf range finders.

What are the disadvantages of a golf rangefinder?

According to the results of numerous opinions, some models cannot be used in snowy weather or in bad weather.

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