best taylormade r7 irons review

The best taylorMade R7 Irons review

The all-new TaylorMade R7 Iron Set is a premium quality 37in right-handed golf club. From beginners to experts, this steel pitching wedge has slots that are parallel to the shaft line. The forgiveness and additional features of the R7 Irons will surely fulfill all of your requirements. 

Beginners will immediately feel a change in their game and recognize the improvement because of TaylorMade R7 Irons. It delivers crisp and straight hits, which also helps professionals to concentrate on every single aspect of their game. The best thing is that it is reliable and cost-efficient.  

TaylorMade has always served reliable products, including the R7 irons. For players looking to work on their game, TaylorMade will surely help you to execute accurate shots. More than just the accuracy, you will also achieve the perfect distance. The R7 is a traditional model with top quality features at an affordable price. 

TaylorMade R7 Irons Review

The accurate R7 iron will improve your golf game and will be a perfect fit for all your needs. It is available in all options. However, choosing the ideal set for you can be challenging at times. We have collected certified knowledge about this product throughout the web with the help of our experts, which will help you to analyze your game with the help of this product’s features. 

Every feature and characteristic mentioned in this article has been certified using top-class technology. Keeping in mind the swings, spin rates, trajectory, speeds, distance, and all things related. This will ensure you that TaylorMade R7 irons will be the best for your game and fulfill your specific needs with the help of performance. 

TaylorMade R7 Irons: key features and Characteristics

The Design

TaylorMade R7 Irons have a subtle yet captivating design that includes a deep cavity. The deep cavity comes with an offset that suits all types of players. The moderate offset offers much more control and distance on your shots. The cavity is deep, which will help you to get that required trajectory on every swing. 

Along with the deep cavity design, it also has the inverted cone technology. This is an exclusive TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone Technology, which helps you to gain speed. Whenever you swing, the rate will drastically increase compared to the surface area that you will cover on the face.  

At the back of the cavity, you will find a web-like design that will help to absorb the additional power during a swing. This will absorb vibrations and extra force applied for stability and consistency. You will experience a much softer feel and overall accuracy even when you feel your shot was a mishit. This web will help to dampen your shots as it is made from soft aluminum and high-quality bonding compounds. 

The overall looks and the design of this club excel in many top-quality clubs. It will be a better deal and purchase.

The Performance

Just like all TaylorMade models, the R7 irons are designed to add control, distance, and height to your shots. Such shots will improve your game and confidence. Each shot will have that extra flare due to the heavy springs in R7 irons. 

The overall performance of this club is excellent because of the attention to detail. Its performance can be measured with respect to the low center of gravity at the back. It will make sure that you hit the sweet spot with the help of big clubheads. This is the reason why R7 irons are much easier to handle and great for beginners.

With high power and distance, the top-class improvements in the R7 will also bring consistency. Your shots will get the flight but not like the balloon curves, which can cause mishits and the curve will remain stable during long shots.  

The performance of R7 is the perfect combination of traditional designs and modern technology. The R7 makes every shot easier. It is one of the first TaylorMade irons that came with the Inverted Cone Technology maximizing Coefficient of Restitution (COR).

Coefficient of Restitution (COR)

When you hit the ball from the wide-area on the face, you get more power and much more momentum behind the shot. The COR technology will help to provide the same amount of energy behind every shot no matter which portion of the face you hit. Thus, it increases the width of the broad area of the clubface which helps beginners to improve their shots and avoid mishits.

The Quality

The shaft and the overall structure of R7 Irons are made from durable compounds and withstand the test of time. The soft dampening web on the backside improves the quality of the club and your shots at the same time. Even your mishits will be converted into average shots. This is why the R7 Irons are perfect for improving your skills and ball control. There will be no jarring effect, and beginners can have much more control over every shot. 

The looks of R7 Irons are also very catchy due to its black and yellow designs. It has a silver-colored background, and its deep cavity makes it perfect for beginners. The clubhead is more prominent, and the tip line is thicker as compared to other models.

The Price

When compared to its qualities, its retail price is a good deal. It is the best option for players seeking out good value for high-quality clubs. It is a great beginner set even though it is an older model.


  • The Inverted Cone Technology provides better speed when playing long-distance shots
  • The soft aluminum web in the cavity is made from a high-tech bonding compound 
  • The dampening web absorbs additional vibrations for a smooth and better impact. 
  • Deep cavity design provides high speed even when you mishit. 
  • The release is dynamic
  • Every shot is the perfect combination of trajectory and direction
  • The grip fits perfectly in your hands
  • Achieve high speeds and power after every shot
  • The moderate offset helps to increase control
  • Increase comfort and feel
  • Increased ball control and accuracy
  • The perfect combination of control and carry
  • Steel and Graphite options for stock shaft
  • Official TaylorMade® Logo on the grip 


  • The shaft is prone to rust if not taken care of properly. 
  • The clubhead is a little bigger as compared to other models. 
  • The top line is a little thick if you are a professional 
  • This club is not the best if you are looking for other beautifully made clubs. 
  • The deep cavity is made keeping beginners in mind, which may not be suitable for professionals.

COMPARISONS: The Best TaylorMade R7 Irons Alternatives

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

Just like R7 irons, The Gold M6 iron is made to cover considerable distance and forgiveness. The M6 Iron design is made for long and straight shots with the help of its bridge structure, which is not available in the R7 Irons. 

TaylorMade has also added extra stiffness across the perimeter of this club for higher speeds and a new thin face, unlike the R7. Both of these irons have Inverted Cone Technology for higher ball speeds. However, the M6 has an additional compression filter and a much more substantial steel structure.

Both the M6 and R7 Irons have a wide spot on the clubface that reduces the chances of a mishit. The dampening technology is different in both the irons, but both of them successfully absorb additional vibrations to provide a soft feel when playing long-distance and high-speed shots. If you are looking to achieve higher ball speeds, then you may go for an M6 Iron.

Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue X Individual Iron

The Callaway Rogue X Iron is made from different materials designed for high distance and long-distance shots. Unlike the R7, it focuses on long-distance and provides optimum flight. 

The Internal standing wave technology provides excellent control and a better ball speed during long shots. The Rogue X is specifically designed as a distance iron to cover the maximum distance.  

When compared to R7, it is much lighter and more extended. It has a 360 face cup and much stronger lofts. The sole is also broader, which provides a long carry and a higher launch. However, the vibrations absorbing technology is similar to that in R7 Irons. If you are looking for a long-distance club, then go for Callaway.

TaylorMade R11 Single Iron Pitching Wedge

The TaylorMade R11 single iron pitching wedge is the successor of R7 Irons with modified features. It has oversized heads and provides an effortless swing. It is a right-handed steel wedge with a standard-sized cavity that is forgiving on mishits.

Its features are much like the R7 Irons. They are a little modified and given extra attention to detail on its design. If you are looking for a much professional iron, the R11 is the way to go.


The TaylorMade R7 Irons are some of the best in the market as they have been dominating the reasonable prices irons category for a long time. They are specially made, keeping every player in mind with all types of shaft and grip options. They have high forgiveness and are perfect for improving your overall game

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