Best Senior's golf irons

Best Irons for Seniors

Choosing the best irons for seniors isn’t hard, provided you know what to look for.  After all, a good set of irons is an investment from your wallet into your golf game. Choosing the right iron matters greatly. Here, we will show you what to look for and offer five great iron choices.

Choosing the Right Iron

there are four things to consider when shopping for a golf iron

There are four things to consider when shopping for an iron :

Cavity Back v. Muscle Back 

These are the two main styles of irons. 

Muscle backs have a full back on the rear, meanwhile a cavity back has a hollowed rear head. Advanced golfers, even the pros, tend to use muscle-back irons. These must be used with good form as they are capable of shaping your shot and increasing performance.

Hollowed out or cavity irons are great for beginners because they give the player weighting and, in turn, offer greater forgiveness, especially on hits that are off-center.

There does exist a hybrid club, which is also great for beginners. They may be called rescue clubs and feature a sweet spot and large profile that elevates the ball fast and gets you a straighter shot. The clubface is quite forgiving, too.

Loft, distance and length

You will find that irons are separated into three sets: you have your long irons, which are 2, 3 and 4 irons; you have your mid-irons which are 5, 6 and 7 irons, and you have your short irons which are the 8 and 9 irons and pitching wedge.

Short irons exist to create a higher loft, and long irons’ purpose is to hit the golf ball further using a shorter loft.

As you assemble your set of irons, pros recommend that you separate each club using 4 degrees of loft. Begin the increase on the 3 iron and go up to the pitching wedge. This will allow you about 14 yards’ worth of difference between the clubs. 

As a result, you end up with better control and greater flexibility over your shots.

Flex & Shaft

Want to increase your swing speed? Opt for a light material such as graphite. This grants you a fast swing. Meanwhile, if you are happy with your swing speed, but desire greater control over the head, opt for a steel shaft.

The flex of the iron is how the shaft turns and twists. Choosing the right one is dependent on how far you hit the ball and your play style. There are five categories of flex- Ladies, Senior, Stiff, Regular, and X- Stiff. You will want to choose a senior flex, which is great for swing speeds 60-75 MPH.

What’s Included

Lastly, make sure you know what you’re getting in your set. You will get 7 or 8 clubs, consisting of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 irons plus a gap wedge and/or pitching wedge. If you get an 8 club set, it is likely you will get a gap wedge in place of a 3 -iron.  

Hybrid iron sets exist, and these are more forgiving and offer better launch. 

1. Extreme x5 Wide Sole iBRID Iron Set 

Are you looking to get into golf or haven’t been in a while? Need a quality set of irons but not ready to drop a thousand on a big brand? Take a chance on these irons. These are designed for senior men and feature all 8 primary irons. 

They feature an arthritic golf grip, so if you suffer from arthritis but want to enjoy the game, these are an option. The senior flex graphite shaft is a lightweight and enjoyable way to add yardage to your swings. 

Lastly, these clubs feature maximum forgiveness, so whether you’re playing for fun or competition, you will feel confident in your ability. These clubs have a wide sole, so alignment at address is much easier and gets you a greater launch angle and subsequently increased distance. 


  • Great for golfers with arthritis
  • Irons are designed with lots of forgiveness
  • Golfers enjoy greater confidence with this set


  • For right-handed golfers only

2. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

These clubs offer a superb feel and are forgiving. If you are a golfer who has to take it easy for any reason- arthritis, knee surgery, etc., consider these clubs as a means to keep your game on point. You will be pleased with the accuracy these clubs offer even if you are lacking in the stamina you normally have.

These clubs are hybrid, but look really cool. They are great for seniors, mostly, but golfers of all skill levels will love the feel. You will get a high and straight launch with lots of distance. 


  • Players will enjoy increased yardage
  • Offered in both right and left-hand options
  • Can buy in graphite or steel shaft


  • No headcovers included

3. TaylorMade Golf M6 Combo Hybrid Set

You can never go wrong with TaylorMade.  They’ve done it again with these M6 Rescues, which feature their amazing Speed Bridge construction. This construction unleashes your ability to use the Speed Pocket, which is a mechanism designed to boost ball speed. 

The face design is thin and features Inverted Cone Technology, which contributes to faster ball speed. And, your hands will love the feel of these irons thanks to the HYBRAR compression damper. This lowers face vibrations and gives you a solid but soft feel when you take your shots.

No matter your skill level, you will enjoy straighter shots and hit the sweet spot every time thanks to the Inverted Cone Technology. Even mis-hits are straighter and longer thanks to these irons. 


  • Created to increase forgiveness and launch angle
  • Irons sound great hitting the ball
  • Speed Pocket design increases ball speed


  • Must purchase different sets to collect all irons

4. Wazaki 14K Gold Finish Cyclone Hybrid Irons 

Did you have to modify your golf game due to aging or an illness? Still want the same level of performance you remember? These irons are ones to consider.

These make it worlds easier to hit the ball even if you have limited strength or swing. You can simply use the hybrid equivalent of the iron you used before. For instance,  use the 8 hybrid in place of the 8 iron when appropriate. 

You will achieve increased yardage even if you do not have the same level of strength as before. The hits will be clean and straight. These irons are wonderful not only in price but their construction is tops  (features a gold graphite shaft), and they help golfers of all abilities enjoy the game once more.


  • Grip is suitable for all weather
  • Price is excellent for the full set
  • Headcovers included with purchase 


  • Only made for right-handed golfers

5. Senior Men’s Majek Golf Full Set

These are great for those of you that feel you MIGHT need a senior flex club but still feel confident with a regular flex. If you find it hard to hit longer/mid-range irons, try out these clubs to improve your game.  

Playing well with irons can be a tough skill to master, and you need lots of speed in your clubhead to make it happen. These are hybrid irons that allow golfers to use an upward swing and still get the results you want.

Golfers will enjoy improved game strokes, plus greater distance thanks to the graphite shafts. The grips are pleasant to the touch and easy to hold onto. Your arms will not be tired even after playing a full 18 holes!


  • Great price for the full set
  • Lightweight graphite shafts
  • Clubs have more weight behind the “sweet spot”


  • Only made for right-handed golfers


For us, the best option today would have to be the Senior Men’s Majek Golf Full Set. We chose this because we want golf to be enjoyed by ALL people, even if you don’t have heaps of cash to spend on a big name brand. This gets you all the irons you need without breaking the bank but still offers pretty good quality.

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