the perfect Tp5 Vs Tp5x Golf Balls Review

Tp5 Vs Tp5x Golf Balls review

Golfers spend hours trying to decide which golf equipment is most suitable for them. Yet, often they overlook an important issue of the game – the golf ball.

Whether you’re trying to decide between the Tp5 Vs. Tp5x or you want to know what you should be looking for in your next golf ball – we’re here to help. Just scroll on down to find out more.

also you will discover and explore Two best Tp5 – Tp5x alternatives :

What Features Should You Look for in A Golf Ball?

What-Features-Should You Look For In A Golf Ball like tp5 vs tp5x

Looking at aisles upon aisles of golf balls can be alarming if you don’t know what to look for. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the essential features you should take into consideration before buying a golf ball.

Problems, Needs, And Level of Handicap

For high-handicappers, the choice of the ball will depend on two main aspects – level and style of play.

If you’re a beginner, you’re likely going to need a fair amount of practice to improve your game. However, certain problems that beginners face can be done away with by choosing the right equipment.

For instance, if you’re facing issues in getting distance off the tee or hitting one too many hook shots, then a two-piece golf ball will benefit you the most. 

On the other hand, high handicappers can choose a golf ball based on more specific needs. Three-piece, four-piece, and five-piece golf balls can offer more distance, spin, or control, depending on their make. 

A low-handicap player looking to increase spin or play shots with more control around the greens will mostly opt for a softer ball. 

Resources and Budget

What Resources And Budget do you need for golf balls like Tp5 Vs Tp5x review?

Golfing equipment may range from moderately priced to highly priced, but the good news is that there are plenty of good options available. Still, it’s smart to assess things like how often you play golf, and how frequently you lose golf balls, etc. 

All these details will help you decide which price-range is better for you. 

For instance, if you’re a high-handicapper with moderate experience, then it’s best to stick to reasonably-priced options. Once you’ve learned more control and can avoid slicing, then you can move to a higher price range.

For beginners, who haven’t learned to control the direction of their shots, it’s a good idea to utilize used or reclaimed golf balls. The best place to look for reclaimed golf balls is in the water. 

Though, beginners who use reclaimed balls should be aware that the more time a golf ball spends underwater, the less likely they are to cover a greater distance. 

Low-handicap players with a single-digit score can choose to buy golf balls without worrying about the price. This is because not only do they have control in their playing style, but they seldom lose track of the golf ball.

Ease of Use

We’ve been discussing important elements in golf for this entire section. But the most important factor when it comes to golf is most certainly you. 

Construction of the golf ball, it’s performance, and it’s price are important considerations. However, all these details are trumped by whether or not you’re comfortable with the ball. 

For instance, why do you think so many golfers buy golf balls depending on the feel? If you’re more comfortable using a soft ball than a harder one, then that should be your priority.

This is why golfers with years of experience will rarely ever buy anything without trying it out or having it fitted first. That should be your mode of operation too. Never choose to buy golfing equipment without trying it out. 

Our Recommendations for High and Low-Handicappers: Tp5 Vs Tp5x Golf balls Review

TaylorMade Tp5 Golf Balls

TaylorMade may have become famous because of its innovation of metal drivers, but it has come a long way since then. Now, TaylorMade is a well-respected name in the golf equipment market.

The company’s Tp5 golf balls feature a five-layer golf ball construction that performs well for spin, drive, and distance. Not to mention, it’s soft feel is ideal for high handicappers. 

It performs wonderfully on the greenside and is tailor-made for shots like the wedge-shot and chips. It also has a softer compression and a lower launch angle to stop the ball from ballooning in the air. It’s also less spinny compared to its contemporaries. 


  • Urethane and semi-rigid inner cover for maximum interaction
  • Greater control for shots around the green
  • Good cover distance
  • Suitable for beginners and high handicappers


  • Offers less drive than its successor the Tp5x
  • The ball’s soft feel may not suit all players.

TaylorMade Tp5x Golf Balls

TaylorMade’s Tp5x golf balls share many similarities with the Tp5. The Tp5x also features a five-layer construction, along with a soft Urethane cover, which makes for a better grip. 

The interior layers increase the ball’s flight, precision, and distance. 

However, golfers should note that the Tp5x has a firmer feel compared to the Tp5. 

The Tp5x also has a large inner core with low compression to give the ball a higher launch, and a straighter trajectory for shots that call for more control. 

As far as spin is concerned, it’s a lower spinning ball. It has been specifically designed to help reduce a golfer’s backspin. It makes it perfect for players who are worried about the ball spinning too much on the greenside.


  • It’s designed for players with high swing speeds
  • The Tri-Fast core that allows for more speed 
  • Harder Urethane cover for increased speed
  • Firmer feel compared to the Tp5


  • Pricier compared to other golf balls
  • Not suitable for beginners

the best Tp5 and Tp5x Golf Balls alternatives

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Before they started to market their own golf balls, Srixon used to supply manufacturers like Dunlop Slazenger. Now, Srixon has carved a niche for itself in the golf equipment world. 

Srixon’s Soft Feel Golf Balls have been designed to offer players more distance off the tee and control without sacrificing the ball’s soft feel.

It features a two-layer construction, which makes them ideal for beginners and high-handicappers with slower swing speeds. 


  • Resilient ionomer cover for increased durability
  • Offers great distance for moderate swing speeds
  • Reasonably priced
  • The Gradient Growth Core promotes a high launch.


  • Not suitable for players with high swing speeds
  • May not be suitable for players who like to work the ball.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway has been in the golf business for decades and is well known among golfers. 

The company’s Supersoft Golf Balls are their lowest compression balls, which makes them perfect for players with slow swing speeds. 

The Supersoft golf balls also feature Callaway’s trademark dimple design and a soft cover that provides better control and allows the ball to stay in the air for longer. It also promotes straighter shots and a unique feel. 


  • Improved aerodynamics offer increased distance coverage
  • Trigonometry cover formulation provides more greenside control
  • The ultra-low compression core supports faster speed.


  • Offers less spin compared to other soft balls
  • May not be suitable for golfers with higher than average swing speeds.

Final Verdict

To reemphasize, it’s not easy to find the best golf ball to suit your needs. But it can be done if you keep the factors listed above in mind. And, we hope our article has helped you in laying your confusion to rest. 

If we had to choose the winner from our list, then we’d definitely go for TaylorMade’s Tp5. Whether its distance, feel, or soft compression, the Tp5 excels at almost everything. Also, it’s suitable for high and low handicappers at a reasonable price compared to other golf balls.

Nonetheless, we strongly advise you to try out the Tp5 or any other golf ball that suits you before you buy it. Remember, your level of comfort is what matters most.

Apart from that, you’re all set to go shopping. Don’t forget to comment and let us know how your buying trip goes and which golf ball suited you best.

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