Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Best Golf Drivers for High Handicappers

Picture this – you’re standing on the golf course under a dazzling blue sky, surrounded by lush green landscapes. You swing your club, and the white ball takes off like a bullet, landing exactly where you wanted it to. Sounds captivating, doesn’t it?

Almost nothing compares to the thrill of your driver connecting with the golf ball. And if your love of golf is anything like ours, we know you’re likely always on the look-out for top-notch drivers:

But, before we get to our list of the best golf drivers for high handicappers, let’s look at some key pointers you should keep in mind when looking for a high-level driver. 

Five Things To Consider Before Buying A Driver

here are Five Things To Consider Before Buying A Driver

Back in the day, people used to also refer to drivers as ‘woods,’ because that’s pretty much what they were all made of. That’s certainly not the case now. 

Today, they make drivers from various materials such as graphite, steel, etc. and they’re also available in different shapes and sizes. In fact, it’s possible you’re going to find yourself spoiled for choice.

But, despite all that, there are certain factors you should definitely be conscious of before you buy a driver.

1. How a club head can affect your play

Who doesn’t hate a swing and miss? We know we do.

Thankfully, manufacturers currently produce drivers with larger club heads, as opposed to previous ones. This means that you have a better chance of making contact with the ball. 

Though bigger doesn’t always mean better. If you buy a driver with a club head that’s too big, you may end up being deprived of accuracy. 

We prefer 460 cc club heads made out of titanium because they’re lightweight, durable, and excellent for high handicappers.

2. Shaft size and why it matters

Another vital part of any golf club is the shaft. They generally make shafts from either graphite, steel, or titanium. Obviously, steel shafts are weightier compared to the others, but they’re also less expensive. 

Graphite and titanium shafts are lighter, and they’re also better for anyone who has problems with speed and power when swinging.

Longer shafts help you hit the ball to greater distances. That’s because the longer the shaft is, the more time it’ll take you to swing. And that allows the club head to gather more speed – it’s simple physics. 

The maximum legal height limit for a driver is 48 inches, but most drivers measure 45 inches so that players can achieve precision without sacrificing speed. 

3. The driver’s loft or launch angle

The angle of the hitting section of your club is the loft, and it can influence how high or low the ball will fly. 

Golfers can often go wrong when trying to choose the right loft. The correct loft choice will improve your hitting-distance, but the wrong choice may affect your game tremendously. 

The loft range of drivers can start from eight degrees and go up to 12 degrees. We know all this information can be confusing. So here’s what you need to remember – if your swing speed is less than or around 90 mph, it’s preferable that you get a driver with at least 10 degrees of loft.

4. Driver head shape – square or round?

a picture that describes the Driver's Head Shape - Square Or Round

If you’re wondering whether the head shape of your driver can have an impact on your play, then the answer is yes. 

Think about basic geometry, and what the circle’s strong point (no pun intended) is? That’s right – a circle has no points or edges. A round-headed driver is more comfortable to use than a square-shaped one, especially for a beginner.  

The streamlined design of a round-headed driver can ensure smoother play because it’s not likely to get caught or stuck in the ground when you swing. 

According to us, this can help you become more confident in your swings, which will lead to increased swing power and covering more distance. It can also help you increase swing speed the more you practice. 

However, not all golf players have the same preferences. Players still like square-headed drivers because they feel more comfortable using them.

The popularity of square-headed drivers has reduced in recent years, mostly because of the way they look and because of the dull thud the driver can make at impact. Though, they’re not without advantages. For instance, square-headed drivers have a larger hitting area, which means there’s less room for missed contact.

5. What matters most?

All of the points mentioned above are very important, but here’s what matters more than anything else – your level of comfort. 

The size of the driver’s head, the shaft length, the loft, all are crucial details you should consider when purchasing a driver. But, none of those things will matter if the driver isn’t perfect according to your terms. 

The driver is used primarily for hitting the ball down the fairway for long distances. That means you need to feel satisfied with the feel of it. If you’re uncomfortable, then your technique can suffer for it. For instance, there’s only one way to gauge the flex of the shaft – which is practice.

Therefore, you should always try and test out the driver of your choice before proceeding to buy it.

Our List Of Best Drivers for High Handicappers

1. Men’s RBZ Black Driver by TaylorMade

Founded in 1979, TaylorMade is a popular brand amongst golfers like Tiger Woods. 

And if you want to know why, take a look at the Men’s RBZ Black Driver. It has a large, sleek, 460 cc titanium head. Not only is it one of the more forgiving drivers out there, but the crisp ‘thwack’ you’ll hear when the driver connects with the golf ball will make your heart sing.

That’s not all though, here are some more of the RBZ’s remarkable features. 


  • Ultralite Titanium core that makes for excellent trajectory control
  • Easily adjustable loft sleeves
  • Speed pockets that encourage high and reduce ball spin


  • The sweet-spot may be too large for some players

2. Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver

The Callaway Company is another heavy-hitter in the field of golf. And, their latest driver – the Rogue Driver takes the technology of the Epic series drivers one step further. 

We’re especially pleased with the Rogue’s Triaxial Carbon Crown, which offers a higher MOI and makes it a more forgiving driver. Also, the hourglass head-shape is designed to be lighter but allows for more power in swings. 


  • Jailbreak technology that makes use of titanium bars and affords the player more ball speed to cover greater distances
  • Multiple weights available in shaft selection
  • More balance for off-centre hits


  • Will require a high-quality fitting to suit your playing style

3. TaylorMade M6 Driver

TaylorMade’s M6 Driver has an injected twist face, which makes it an excellent choice for high handicappers. Each M6 driver head is individually tested and injected with tuning resin to allow for maximum ball speed. The best part is – it’s all legal and above board. 

Whereas the Twist Face technology adds a face curvature to head to diminish side-spin on mishits and straighter ball trajectory on off-centre shots. 


  • Aerodynamic carbon sole that disperses weight to the back to achieve a higher MOI
  • The Hammerhead 2.0 slot supports a larger sweet-spot


  • Might be a little complicated to use for some beginners

4. GX-7 X-Metal Driver by Autopilot

The GX-7 is designed for professional and amateur golfers with an average swing speed of 100 mph or less. The driver has a 267 cc club head, along with a shaft length of 43″, which allows players to square-up at impact for greater accuracy.

The driver features a 14-degree loft, which encourages the ideal launch angle and reduces the chances of hitting a slice shot.


  • The 7-iron design of The GX-7 gives players more stability while swinging
  • It is specifically designed for high handicappers


  • The driver doesn’t come with any adjusting tools like other drivers on the market

5. PGX Offset Golf Driver by Pinemeadow

This driver is undoubtedly unique in that it comes with offset technology, which focuses on reduces the chance of hitting slice shots.

It also has a 10.5-degree loft, weighs 200g, and it can boast of an excellent grip. All in all, we think that the PGX Offset driver makes a good quality driver at a reasonable price.


  • Attractive design and appearance
  • Comes with a head-cover 
  • Graphite shaft


  • The driver is shorter than others available on the market

Our Pick Of The Best

We hope our list of the top golf drivers helps you in your search and makes it easier to choose the driver that’s best for you.

Which brings us to our top pick –  the Men’s RBZ Black Driver by TaylorMade. It has a 460cc club head size along with a graphite shaft, with solid flex options. 

Plus, its titanium head and core not only make the driver more durable, but it also promotes launch and offers increased trajectory controls, which means that you’ll be able to hit the sweet spot more often, and have fewer slice shots and mishits. 

If you’re thinking along the same lines as us, that’s great to hear. But, don’t forget to test out the driver and have it fitted before you proceed to purchase. Apart from that, you’re all set to go and discover the inner Tiger Woods in you.

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